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Finding A Sense of Hope And Resilience

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In the challenging environments of work and school, we often find ourselves facing a range of pressures that can become overwhelming. The high expectations, intense experiences, and exposure to potentially traumatic events in these settings can lead to the development of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and burnout, significantly affecting our emotional well-being.

These conditions frequently arise due to the rigorous expectations and demands placed on individuals within these domains. Unfortunately, such experiences are not uncommon and can impact people from various backgrounds.

Work/school-related PTSD and burnout can have lasting effects, making it challenging to cope with the requirements of everyday life.


Common symptoms include:

  • Persistent anxiety

  • Intrusive memories or flashbacks

  • Emotional exhaustion

  • Feelings of detachment

  • Difficulty concentrating

  • Sleep disturbances

  • Decreased performance

  • Fatigue and physical symptoms

Therapy For
Work/School PTSD and Burn Out Can Help With:

  • Symptom Management: Therapy helps reduce PTSD and burnout symptoms like

       anxiety and exhaustion.

  • Coping Strategies: Therapists teach effective stress coping techniques.

  • Emotional Regulation: Therapy improves emotional control during stressful situations.

  • Trauma Processing: It provides a safe space to process and heal from traumatic experiences.

  • Self-Care Practices: Therapists emphasize self-care for well-being.

  • Communication Skills: Therapy enhances effective communication in work/school settings.

  • Relationship Improvement: It provides tools for enhancing relationships.

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Ottawa, Ontario Counselling And Psychotherapy 

Remember, you deserve to feel confident, empowered, and supported, no matter what challenges you're facing.

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